Braconier will do all it can to provide the utmost in value to their customers wanting to upgrade their Plumbing and HVAC & Refrigeration systems.

One option commercial customers may want to explore is the opportunity to engage in a conditional sales contract lease for their plumbing and HVAC/R needs. The conditional sales contract lease requires periodic payments made for a specified period of time – normally longer than a traditional bank loan that will need to be paid off in 3 to 5 years.  A lease on new equipment may be very advantageous over waiting on capital cash or obtaining a bank loan and the energy efficiency savings could be substantial.

The advantages of a conditional sales contract lease include the following:

  • Conserves operating cash
  • Preserves bank credit lines
  • Offers fixed or variable payments
  • Offers flexibility in structuring – one to seven year terms, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment schedules
  • Offers flexibility in payment schedules to accommodate seasonal periods or sales peaks: step –up or step-down options
  • Ability to upgrade or add equipment to the original lease contract
  • Traditionally offers lower administrative /documentation fees than industry average

You owe it to yourself to explore making your plumbing, heating and cooling systems more energy efficient. You could be reaping the benefits of the new energy efficient technology that can help make your facility greener while saving you money monthly on your utility bills.

A Braconier professional will be more than happy to explore this option with you. Think Green – Think Braconier. Call us today!

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