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furnaceThe professionals at Braconier provide new furnace installations and offer quality choices, such as Bryant, Lennox, and American Standard, specific to your needs and home.

Regular furnace preventative maintenance can ensure your furnace lasts for many years and continues to operate at peak efficiency. american-standard
Ideally, you should have a Braconier professional maintain your furnace to keep it running at  peak efficiency thru their preventative maintenance programs. The following logo-badgedetails some tasks you can complete on your own to keep your furnace maintained if you have the time and the energy to complete them. We suggest you call us and let us handle it for you.

bryantReplace the Air Filter

A key to furnace efficiency is ensuring that the air filter is replaced before it gets too dirty. Furnace efficiency is reliant upon unobstructed air flow. If the air filter becomes too clogged or dirty, the furnace has to work harder to heat your home costing you money and wasting energy.

Clean the Blower Blades

Your furnace blower blades should be cleaned at the beginning of each heating season. Inspect them for obstructions occasionally throughout the winter. If your furnace has a blower with oil cups, a few drops of oil should be added to them during the annual cleaning.

Unclog the Air Ducts

Unscrew the duct registers and use a flashlight to look inside to ensure the ducts aren’t clogged. You can vacuum dirty ducts to enhance efficient air flow and help your system to function optimally.

Blower Belt Tension and Alignment

If your furnace is belt-driven, make sure the blower belt has the proper amount of tension and alignment. Inspect the belt for signs of wear and tear. If it appears cracked or damaged, loosen the adjustment bolt, remove the worn belt and replace it with a new one.

Clean the Heat Exchanger Surface

Consult your furnace owner’s manual for information about locating heat exchanger surfaces. Brush and vacuum out the heat exchanger once per year as part of annual routine maintenance. Doing so will help to ensure the peak efficiency of your furnace.

These are just some of basics of furnace maintenance. For more information about furnace maintenance, or for services such as a preventative maintenance program  or emergency service, contact Braconier Mechanical & Plumbing Services 303-777-3037 any time, day or night.

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